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I produce glasses that can and should be used in daily life. The holistic experience of using glass is the most important thing for me. Design and colours are simple and delicate, all the while preserving the basic function of the glass. Below you will find a selection of my glasses.

You can buy the glasses directly from my gallery in Kabelvåg, or through Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter in Svolvær or Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim.

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum

Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter



The Saturn-series is inspired by the planet Saturn. Its recognizable ring is a common feature on all the products. This series contains glasses for red wine, white wine, beer, snaps and water. They are also known as ‘breakfast glasses’ (Mrk: Mener du at alle disse glassene kalles frokostglass, eller mener du kun det siste, vannglasset? Litt uklart for meg). The series also includes carafes and vases.

The glasses have good drinking qualities and they fit well in the hand. They are all made using only the hands and the eyes, therefore they all have slight variations in measurements, adding to their uniqueness. The ring has an existence of its own and differs from glass to glass.

Saturn Vippe

Saturn Tilt is inspired by the planet Saturn. This carafe was one of my senior projects when I graduated from the Kosta Boda Glass Blowing School.

The carafe and the glass easily tilt and spin around their own axis. They are pleasant to drink from and fit well in the hand/good to hold. The carafe serves water as well as wine. The glasses can be used for cognac, white wine and red wine.


These schnapps glasses are top-notch when you are having a party, hence the name. They are colourful, fun and timeless. Schnapps and port wine-sized.


Series of vases and bowls inspired by the winter. With a light turquois colour in the bowl and an exterior crackled by white shimmer, the Snowflake has a credible winterly expression.  Beautiful vases in several sizes.

As a former cross-country skier, I have spent innumerable hours in the tracks, hence the name. The Track series includes delicate bowls and plates.


The contours of a leaf, or the way a scooper is supposed to be according to northerners. An exquisite little bowl meant for serving something small and delicious

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