Decorations & exhibitions

The Nordic landscape is a given source of inspiration. Impressions that I find in nature are often interpreted and recreated in pretty glass objects.

Below you can see a selection of my decorations as well as some of the projects I have been a part of.

Peace lamp



Lightballs- luminous spheres on a steel plate

H: 50 cm B: 160 cm D : 20 cm

Purchased by ths school ‘Nord universitet’ and the bank ‘Statsbygd Sparebank’.

Stadsbygs sparebank:

Nord universitet:

Bord dekk deg

‘Table, set yourself’ was an exhibition at `Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum` where several artists each sat their own table. In collaboration with Mats Alexander Nilsen, also a glass blower, and ceramist Anita Abtahi, we sat our own table with glass and ceramics.

Statsbygds Sparebank

Glass-blown elements assembled as the costumer’s logo.


Eight artists, all residents of Kabelvåg and members of the ‘KNIV’ artist group in Vågan (our municipality), exhibit their artworks related to climate change. You will find the works around the outdoor spaces of Kabelvåg. The exhibition is structured as a treasure hunt, inspired by the ‘world’s biggest treasure hunt’ Geocaching. The participants navigate to the works’ location using GPS or a map. The artists in the exhibition are: Thor Erdahl, Elisabeth Færøy Lund, Maria Gradin, Sylvia Henriksen, Cathinka Mæhlum, Inger Anne Nyaas, Bjørn Tore Stavang and Åsne Wold.


Art project by Arts and Crafts Designers of Northern Norway in collaboration with ‘Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter’. The project marks the forty-year anniversary of the organization. Three marvellous joint works were realized by 29 arts and crafts-designers from the northernmost counties of Norway.

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