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Lofoten Glass is scenically situated by the pier in Kabelvåg. Here you can see the glassblower in action in the glass cabin, and you may purchase glass art from our gallery. You can also immerse yourself in the magical world of glass by learning to shape a scorching mass into your own personal piece of art.

To enter the glasstudio of Cathinka Mæhlum and enjoy the sight of her collection of beautiful and stylish arts and crafts is an experience quite out of the ordinary. You will find vases, plates, festive drinking glasses and other artefacts of delightful colours and shapes – from the heavy and solid to the frail and wafer-thin.

A visit to Lofoten Glass should ideally be combined with the other experiences Kabelvåg has on offer: museums, fine dining and other opportunities for pleasant shopping in small, original boutiques – a guaranteed mall-free experience!

Or you could stay behind with Cathinka for a few hours to gain an insight into the magical world of glass by learning to make your own unique glass artefacts. Once you get a feel for it, you will want to try again.


At Lofoten Glass you can unfold in the magical world of glass by learning to shape a scorching hot mass into your own personal pieces of art. Pick an alternative below, or make contact (post@lofotenglas.com), and we will make you a tailor-made offer. 

Common for all classes:

No previous experience required. All courses by appointment.

Lampworking course

Stay behind a few hours in the glasstudio with Cathinka to learn to make your own, unique glass beads. Using a burner, the glass is heated to a liquid state, before it is rolled on a stick. You get to use different colours to make different patterns. The beads can be used as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, key chains – you name it! You get to take home everything you make. When you get a feel for it, you will want to try again!

Please Contact us to book a course.


Cathinka Mæhlum (f. 1974) has worked as an glassartist since 1996.The Nordic landscape is a given source of inspiration. Impressions that I find in nature are often interpreted and recreated in pretty glass objects.

Parts of the winter season Mæhlum works as a professional snow and ice sculptor.

«I find the difference between working with ice and working with glass intriguing. while the finished expressions can be fairly similar, the techniques involved are quite different. When sculpting snow, one has to carefully consider where to add or subtract material in order to create a resilient form. This is a slow prosess compared to glass blowing, which requires a precise quickness on a much smaller scale»

Photo: Hans Runesson

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