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The Nordic landscape is a given source of inspiration. Impressions that I find in nature are often interpreted and recreated in pretty glass objects.

Some of nature’s creations should be experienced in new ways. Glass is an outstanding material for showcasing shape and colour; three-dimensional, transparent or opaque. I am fascinated by the borderlines between the functional and the sculptural. The feel of touch plays an important part, and the overall experience is augmented by the possibility of optical enlargement that glass gives.

Ice Crystal

These sculptures have a blown core with a thick layer of glass around them for depth. They are also decorated with a sand-blown pattern which enhances the lovely snow crystals. The sculptures are cut, honed and polished on top.


H:36 cm D: 9 cm B: 9 cm


I have created this lovely vase using the Swedish technique called ‘overlay’. The vase is round and flat.

H: 20 cm D: 6 cm B: 19,5 cm


The eye itself is pre-made and contains a translucent and transparent glitter. The vase is blown thereafter. In order to get the eye into the piece I need to make an opening in the side. Afterwards I continue to shape the piece, followed by a last blow to attain the final form. A complicated piece of work.

H:10,5 cm B: 13cm D: 13cm


Following ski tracks when the wind is blowing and the snow is drifting is not always easy. After the wind has blown through and the sun reappears you can witness the magnificent tracks shining on the surface.


sculptures inspired by freezing conditions.



Seeing sprouts is a sure sign of spring.

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